Gateway Engineers Inspection/Material Testing


Inspection / Material Testing

Turn to Gateway Engineers’ specialized laboratory and field testing for quality assurance

Whether you’re constructing a roadway, resurfacing a parking lot, adding features to a public park or installing a sewer system, Gateway Engineers technical experts can determine if your project is being completed the right way.

Is the contractor completing work as specified and designed? Are consistent, high-quality materials being used? Are grading and excavation being performed properly? Are project specifications being met?

Gateway Engineers passes the test for accuracy, objectivity, reliability and integrity

As with any inspection, you have to trust the one performing it. Our technicians are certified through NECEPT (Northeastern Center for Excellence in Pavement Technology) and ACI (American Concrete Institute) and have conducted countless tests using state-of-the-art equipment.

If Gateway Engineers is already on your job site, use our experts for inspection and material testing to help you save in numerous ways. We'll know how your job is progressing, so we'll schedule testing to prevent downtime, even after hours, to keep your project on track. Because our services will be part of the total project cost, fees will be lower than having your contractor pay an outside company to perform them. Trust us, and the results will lead to a project that will withstand the most important test of all: the test of time.

Gateway Engineers inspection and material testing capabilities include, but are not limited to, these areas:

  • Resurfacing programs
  • Flow monitoring
  • Water and wastewater testing and evaluations
  • Subdivision housing developments
  • Sanitary and storm sewer systems
  • Road construction projects
  • Grading/soil and erosion control projects
  • Streetscape projects
  • Municipal park improvements
  • Site development
  • Structural evaluations

State-of-the-art equipment enables Gateway Engineers to perform the following material testing services:

  • Core drilling to test for depth (concrete and asphalt)
  • Nuclear density testing for proper density (asphalt pavement)
  • Marshall testing, in-lab density test (asphalt pavement)
  • Cold in-place depth reclamation tested in-lab