Last year, Gateway completed over 5,000 projects for over 800 clients, with the majority of those projects occurring here in western Pennsylvania. From the construction of new communities, schools, parks and businesses, to the utilities that provide the natural gas, water and electricity for them to thrive, to work on some of Pittsburgh's most iconic buildings and venues, we are passionate about the work we perform, and the positive impact it has on this region and our neighbors that share it.
Community Development
Gateway provides direct municipal engineering services to over 40 western Pennsylvania townships, cities, and boroughs. These communities rely on Gateway’s integrated solutions to improve their vital systems, create parks and recreation areas, maintain, or restore sensitive natural environments and decrease traffic congestion.
Within the region, we are recognized leaders in the design of comprehensive primary and secondary (K-12) educational sites and campuses. From undeveloped land to completed classrooms and ball fields, our suite of practice areas provides communities, school districts and their contractors with the solutions they need to build world-class schools and educational facilities.
Construction Support
Our engineers are often called upon to verify new construction accuracy and compliance through inspection and testing, or to provide specialized engineering solutions for unique applications and architectural requirements. From geological studies that direct the placement of foundations to certifying the accuracy of structural steel assembly on towers that form Pittsburgh’s skyline, our team provides experience – and expertise – to any construction project.
The vast layers of Marcellus Shale within the Appalachian Basin have made the region Gateway calls home a center of natural gas exploration, extraction, transportation, and storage. From drill pads to compression stations, and the routing of extensive pipelines to connect these energy-producing sites to storage facilities, Gateway supports every step of the development of this infrastructure and the bridge it represents to the future of alternative fuel sources.
Institutional & Entertainment
In addition to its topographical features, Pittsburgh also boasts a rich mix of renowned cultural institutions, a high density of colleges and universities, and beloved entertainment and recreational facilities that make this city and the region unlike any other. From foot and vehicle traffic management on a busy college campus, to the survey and validation of foundation sites for a new rollercoaster, Gateway’s variety of complementary engineering capabilities ensure that these iconic structures and venues will continue to serve the community today and the generations that will follow.
As healthcare has become a core industry in Pittsburgh’s post-steel evolution, the construction and expansion of world-class medical and healthcare facilities is a Gateway specialty. We not only understand the unique complexities and systems that a hospital represents, we also understand the requirements and regulations of the communities in which they are placed. Our work not only ensures a properly functioning healthcare facility, but also one that adds value to, while limiting the imposition upon, its neighborhood.
Public Utility
Gateway provides engineering support to each of the public utility providers in the region, across natural gas, potable water, and electrical service to their residential, commercial, and institutional customers. From critical system repairs to large infrastructure upgrades, these utility companies rely on Gateway’s integrated solutions and its first-hand knowledge of the communities in which their networks exist to provide their end users with improved systems that deliver reliable energy and water to power their businesses and homes.
Arguably no other metropolitan area in the United States presents the topographical challenge to the engineering and logistics of delivering potable water and managing sewage and wastewater than does western Pennsylvania. With our over 70-years of experience working in this region, Gateway is the go-to solutions provider for both privately and publicly controlled water and wastewater operators. From design to construction and maintenance, our seasoned team can deliver results that simplify what nature – and gravity – seek to complicate.
Real Estate Development
For both residential and commercial developers, Gateway can provide complete site development solutions that begin with feasibility studies of undeveloped sites, through to the installation of final landscapes and traffic controls. Virtually every Gateway practice area is applied to our development clients’ work, and our integrated solutions make us the choice for these high-value projects that create the future homes, neighborhoods, and commercial developments throughout the Pittsburgh region.