A Dedication to Excellence

People, Projects & Purpose


People are at the heart and center of everything we do.

As employees, they are our most valuable asset. As clients, they are the human representation of the communities, companies, and institutions we serve. As consultants, they are respected teammates.

We celebrate the individuality of every single employee. The traits, interests, beliefs and goals of each employee make Gateway better, more diverse, and extend our collective expertise and experience. This broadened perspective results in our ability to create smarter solutions for our clients. With our philosophy and work style of continual improvement in all we do, we apply a 360-degree approach to employee wellness. We will provide anything we are able to provide to better the lives, professionally and personally, of our employees.


As a Project-Focused Organization (PFO) everyone and everything in the company is focused on creating client value through project execution. We apply our proven systems, tools, and processes to everything we do, whether a complex client need or planning an employee event.

Gateway's commitment to continual improvement, as individuals and as a company, our intelligent application of technology, and the diversified institutional knowledge we possess set us apart. We are passionate project management experts.

We have built a fully integrated Civil Engineering organization. We can provide turnkey solutions our competitors cannot.


We do not strive to be the biggest. We strive, every day, to be the best in all we do.

We are continually improving as people, as professionals, and as an organization. At Gateway, all we expect you to do is grow.

Our work goes beyond the technical requirements of a project. Our client service approach demands we provide solutions that make our clients more efficient, productive, and profitable.

Areas of Focus

As Gateway continually evolves, grows, and improves, we strategically select initiatives that will move us forward. These Areas of Focus are a sample of such undertakings. Some have a timeline for completion, while others are an ongoing commitment and examples of our dedication to excellence.