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People are at the heart of everything we do. As employees, they are our most valuable asset. As team mates, we collaborate, face-to-face, everyday to design, develop and deliver solutions to our clients. Our culture is both demanding and rewarding: we play as hard as we work. We continually improve as people, professionals and as an organization. Join us.

We are an Equal Opportunity Employer
Gateway Engineers does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, non-disqualifying physical or mental disability, national origin, or any other basis. All of our employment decisions are made on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need.
Professional Development

We talk a lot about improvement at Gateway. More than talk about it, continual improvement is our mindset and our operating philosophy. We are continually improving as people, as professionals, and as an organization.

Each and every employee, from the recent college graduate that just began her career, to our CEO, has their own individual improvement plan. These customized plans include both current goals, and objectives the employee wants to achieve in the future. The plans are then detailed and organized into a plan consisting of Development Objectives, Planned Actions, and Necessary Support and Resources. Gateway’s commitment to continual improvement is present in each and every employee’s plan.

Development is an outcome of training and Gateway provides its employees with a variety of training options, both general and highly specialized. Rarely a week will pass without a group of employees engaged in ongoing training curricula. From technical skills designed to increase knowledge and skill, including curated on-site field trips to Gateway project sites, to soft skills that help individuals grow and refine their personal attributes, team work, and communication methods, Gateway will provide any type of support it is able to provide to better the personal and professional lives of its employees.

Benefits & Perks

We apply a 360-degree approach to employee wellness and strive to provide our employees the best available benefits, amenities, and events which underscore our commitment to continual improvement, and support our culture of playing as hard as we work. We have carefully crafted our benefit plans and the opportunities we present to our employees to the best in the industry.


Gateway provides competitive health/vision/dental plans. Those plans, however, are just the start. We provide in-our-office, comprehensive dental care, semi-annually, when Jet Dental comes to our offices to take care of our dental needs. On-Site Eyes comes once a year, making it so simple and convenient to have our eyes examined. Healthcare Saving Account (HSA) credits and plans are also available, as are Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). We want our employees to be healthy, remain healthy, and make it convenient to do so.

Further healthcare offerings include in-office counseling and therapy sessions, provided by licensed therapists and professionals, and telemedicine options that cover general health needs.

Wellness Subsidies

Fitness Memberships & Equipment – Gateway provides subsidies towards employee’s gym membership or fitness app subscriptions, and we also will partially fund employee purchased fitness watches.

Safety Equipment – our work demands that we practice safety everyday. Gateway provides all necessary personal protection equipment (PPE), as well as financial credits toward proper footwear and clothing.


In addition to healthcare-related insurance, Gateway also provides employees with life, disability and supplemental insurance plan options.

Financial Planning

Gateway has partnered with Empower Retirement to provide employees with retirement planning and 401(k) options. Gateway provides 401(k) matching on employee contributions, matching 50% of employee contributions up to the first 8% of contributions. Vesting in Gateway matching reaches 100% after three years of employment.

Company Events, Groups & Teams

We like to celebrate at Gateway. Important things like our famous Kentucky Derby Party, Super Bowl chili cook-off competition, National Bacon Day, Cookie Day, March Madness (even worst pool get an award) and other events like axe-throwing and our Gigs-N-Games day are all activities we look forward and which bring us together to have fun and enjoy the moment.

Our monthly book club meets in-office to discuss the latest best-seller. There are ongoing ad-hoc chess challenges, Scrabble matches and a lot of pranks that occur. We offer guided courses on viniculture and wine tasting, and pull out our clubs at least once a year for our annual golf outing. In the winter, Gateway provides monthly ski trips with round trip transportation and lift tickets provided.

We represent Gateway on the field, too, battling other architectural, construction, engineering firms’ teams in our softball league.



For Graduates

Begin Your Career at Gateway

Graduating from your under-graduate or post-graduate program, and love learning and are looking to be rewarded for your work? Consider starting your career at Gateway. We boast an industry-high percentage of employees who have called Gateway home for their entire career because our Employee Development Programs coupled with our continual improvement philosophies create a workplace and an environment where you will grow personally, professionally, and financially.


If you want to work hard, play hard and grow everyday, don’t settle. Challenge what you thought was possible and apply to one of our opportunities today.

For Experienced Professionals

Hit the Ground Running in the Next Phase of Your Career

We are continually seeking experienced engineers and project managers that can add instant value to our client solutions. If you feel like you have hit a dead end and seek a fun-loving, hard-working environment to apply your experience and expertise, we want to meet you. At Gateway, you gain the ability to work on a diverse variety of projects across multiple market sectors, set your own schedule, and work on a team dedicated to continual improvement. Feel like you are in the right seat on the wrong train? Check out what Gateway has to offer and get your career back on track.


Learn from the Pros

Internships at Gateway are a lot more doing, and a lot less watching. Successful interns quickly learn to be part of the team, ask smarter questions and demonstrate the willingness to dive in. We offer specific paid intern programs for college freshman, and for college sophomores and juniors, with each program based on a balance of training and learning, combined with real project team work – both in-office and on project sites. Our continual improvement mindset applies to everyone, even our interns, so if you want to learn from the best, and you are not shy about putting yourself out there, getting your hands dirty, and gaining knowledge through experience, let’s talk.

Gateway Engineers supports internships in line with recognized university calendars, offering positions in summer months. Interns are expected to attend these sessions for their respective program term requirements.