BNY Mellon Signage

Not all civil engineering work is performed at, or below, ground level. In this case, our work took us over 700-feet into the Pittsburgh skyline to ensure the installation of BNY Mellon’s sign was flawless.

Hoisting sections of a 24-foot-tall, LED-lit sign structure hundreds of feet into the air over downtown streets is one thing. Mating the sign’s attachment points perfectly to the building structure at that height is an entirely different undertaking. Working directly with the steel erection contractor, Gateway performed a three-dimensional survey of the custom outriggers and then worked beside the ironworkers to refine the positions of the outriggers to closely match the position values of the mounting plates on the backside of the sign sections. To add to the complexity of this exacting project, the survey was completed on the exposed rooftop sections below the outriggers and while Gateway surveyors were suspended inside the building’s window washing apparatus.

When your crane is a heavy-lift helicopter, costing you thousands of dollars an hour, and you can leave nothing to chance, you call Gateway Engineers.

Project Info

Client Name
G. Kidd, Inc.
Project Location
BNY Mellon Regional Headquarters, Pittsburgh, PA
Year Completed
Market Sector