People are at the heart of everything we do and we celebrate the individuality of every single employee. The traits, experiences, beliefs and goals of each employee make our organization better, more diverse and extend our collective expertise.

Our Initiatives

Continual Improvement Means We Have to Be Better

Our foundational belief in continual improvement means that our diversity initiatives will also be continually improved. We can, and will be, better tomorrow than we were today. Relative to our peer industry, Gateway is a leader in percentage of female employees and our broader employee team is a reflection of the communities we live in - and serve as clients.

At Gateway, All We Expect You to Do Is Grow

We seek out the best talent, period. We openly consider any candidate that will enrich the work we perform and the culture of our organization. Our team represents a rich mix of cultures, beliefs, professional backgrounds and ethnicities that, together, make Gateway the special place it is to work and grow a career. Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Latin America, and the United States are all places we call home. We are constantly learning about each other, and in that process, from one another, too.

Minority Owned Business Locator

Gateway Engineers is committed to developing and promoting relationships with minority-owned business enterprises (MBEs), women-owned business enterprises (WBEs), and veteran-owned business enterprises (VBEs). In an effort to create a directory of such firms, Gateway developed a open-source tool that allows the user to locate qualified and registered companies in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Used by Gateway and many of its large clients, this GIS tool delivers a simple solution to find companies with which they can partner on upcoming projects. Click here to see the tool in action.