Emsworth Borough Force Main Emergence - Featured Project - 730 x 400

 Pumping excess sewage from force main break

Emsworth Force Main Emergency

On a Friday night in September, we had the opportunity to prove our responsiveness.  One of our engineers was reviewing flow rates that were rather high and quickly became concerned that there might be a break in the sewer line.  Within a few hours, we learned there was, indeed, a sanitary force main break in Emsworth Borough beneath Rt. 65, a road that tens of thousands of vehicles drive on daily.  Within an hour of being notified of the break, we were on location to deliver a solution.  Not only was the area highly traveled, making repairs difficult; but the break could quickly become expensive for the Borough as they were required to pump the sewage until it was repaired to prevent overflow.

Given the two major challenges: 1) a heavily traveled roadway and 2) an expensive stop-gap solution – the first thing to do was bypass the force main to make the repairs.  After the force main was bypassed, we worked closely with Beth’s Barricades to resolve traffic control issues.  The outcome was closing the rightmost inbound travel lane until repairs could be made which went into effect after the morning rush hour traffic on the following Monday.

The next step was to compress the schedule of the repair as much as possible to minimize the cost to the Borough.  We were able to quickly involve Niando Construction, to make the repairs.  In order to make the road safe and accessible again, the concrete was restored with high early strength concrete.

Repairs began Monday after rush hour, and the closed lane was reopened on Rt. 65 before morning rush hour on Wednesday. We efficiently coordinated the repairs and traffic control issues, therefore condensing the schedule.  As a result, the costs incurred by the Borough were minimized and traffic flows were normalized in a timely fashion.