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Schools / Institutional

Our seasoned team offers a diverse skill set and 60+ years of experience in the schools and institutional market segment

Gateway Engineers has 60-plus years of experience partnering on a variety of projects with universities, agencies, assisted living centers, chambers of commerce, churches, colleges, hospitals, libraries, museums, nonprofits, as well as K-12, technical/trade, and other schools.

We understand that corporate and academic campus work is unique and often produced with conservative budgets and the potential for considerable public input. Many projects depend on state and/or local tax money to operate, and projects can often take longer to fund.

The entire staff of Gateway Engineers is excellent to work with. They are very responsive to our concerns and provide our staff with innovative solutions. We are proud to have Gateway Engineers as a partner in Butler County.Joe Saeler Assistant Director and Manager of Operations, Butler County Community Development Corporation

Gateway Engineers draws on extensive experience to meet the needs of our corporate and academic campus clients

Gateway Engineers provides complete in-house expertise and integrated services to meet the challenging needs of our schools and institutional clients. Solutions we provide save time and money over the long term by making use of existing resources and planning with future growth and needs in mind.

As stewards of society's physical infrastructure, Gateway Engineers strives for sustainable planning, design and construction. Through infrastructure projects large and small, we apply sustainability principles to deliver economic, environmental and social benefits to the public.

See how Gateway Engineers puts schools/institutional expertise to work.