Gateway Engineers: Energy Upstream


Energy Upstream

We offer a full-service energy-consulting platform for clients managing local, regional, or national programs

Gateway Engineers provides total site and infrastructure development solutions to meet project needs, and clients benefit from our ability to navigate regulatory processes and meet tight schedules from initial site selection to post construction. Gateway Engineers offers a complete suite of solutions from pre-project feasibility to post-construction surveys, minimizing consultant coordination and overall management time.

Our 60 years of relationships with agency stakeholders provides a higher-level of compliance and less down time. As regulatory requirements increase, we continue to build relationships to successfully navigate the local, regional, and national regulatory landscape and corresponding permitting processes.

Gateway Engineers aggressively pursues strategies that deliver cost-effective, timely solutions

Gateway Engineer’s experienced leaders listen to client needs and form teams tailored to deliver effective solutions that alleviate potential delays. Gateway Engineers understands the project scope is always changing, which is why we are accessible at all times. Our exploration and production teams work under a single project manager to streamline communications and ensure accurate, timely solutions.

In addition to responsiveness, safety is key to upstream operations in the energy industry. Gateway Engineers invests in ongoing health and safety training and participates in client and industry best-practice programs. As part of our continued focus on risk management, we value confidentiality, technical quality, and collaboration to ensure consistent design standards.

See how Gateway Engineers puts energy upstream expertise to work.