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We understand extensive approval requirements and time value of investment resources

Gateway Engineers tracks industry trends and strives to create efficient environments that benefit residents, employers, and visitors. In recent years, a reoccurring trend has been creating communities where people live, work, and play. Known as mixed-use developments, these projects are complicated and carry risk for the owner/developer.

To ensure projects are developed on time and within budget, it’s critical that entertainment and hospitality companies, real estate firms, residential and private developers work with a team of professionals like Gateway Engineers. We draw from 60-plus years of solid experience in retail, residential, and commercial planning, design, and construction. Our team combines planning expertise and a proven project management system to secure permits and determine infrastructure viability and project feasibility.

I find that Gateway Engineers has a staff depth with a level of expertise that has helped TREK Development get through the approval process with ease on some of our most complex development projects. Gateway Engineers also works cooperatively with the design team, always providing the level of detail required for the architects to do their jobs effectively.John M. Ginocchi Director of Development, TREK Development

Gateway Engineers integrates firm-wide resources to help developers realize a creative vision

Our success relies on early planning and engineering due diligence studies that provide insight into the best possible use, reuse, or development properties. Whether we design an office or a hospitality complex, our team integrates firm-wide resources to develop and secure permits and approvals in a timely, cost-effective manner for our clients.

Gateway Engineers understands how to work with aging infrastructure, economic incentives, unique locations, and other aspects encountered in the developer market segment. Our flat organizational structure and project-focused system works to ensure that client’ needs are met and quality remains consistently high.

See how Gateway Engineers puts its developer industry expertise to work.