North Shore - Lot 1 Parking Garage IMAGE (730 x 400)

 Lot 1 Parking Garage located in Pittsburgh's North Shore

  • North Shore - Lot 1 Parking Garage IMAGE (730 x 400)
  • North Shore - Lot 1 Parking Garage IMAGE (730 x 400) 2
  • North Shore - Lot 1 Parking Garage IMAGE (730 x 400) 3

The Lot 1 Parking Garage, designed by WTW Architects (WTW), is a 1,000-space, six-story parking facility with two-way level floor plates, 90-degree parking stalls, and cascading ramps located in Pittsburgh’s bustling North Shore corridor.  Constructed of steel, glass, pre-cast concrete, extruded aluminum, and green screens, the garage is both functional and pleasurable to the eye.  The new parking facility adds approximately 608 net new spaces to an area of the North Shore where parking accommodations were unable to satisfy game-day visitors and daily commuters of the corridors’ growing workforce.

Gateway Engineers (Gateway) was selected by WTW to aid the project team in site/civil design and permitting.  Gateway’s extensive project history on the North Shore and thorough understanding of regulatory processes within the City of Pittsburgh helped the project team design and secure approvals for necessary infrastructure improvements.

During the project, Gateway met stormwater requirements by exceeding Green Garage standards and designing two large raingardens.  Gateway secured the necessary NPEDS permit for the six-acre site while redesigning the storwater and sanitary sewers to meet the specifications of the new site requirements.  Additionally, the light poles and the underground conduit system were redesigned and PWSA tap connection plans were approved to include a water meter vault and a full-component planning module.