Matthew E. Bagaley

Project Manager
During high school, one of my teachers had their class build balsa wood bridges and test them to see whose bridge could support the most weight. During this assignment, I discovered that this was the work of civil engineers and it piqued my interest in the profession. After further research into the different disciplines of civil engineering, I found that I preferred the land development and water resource aspects of the profession as well as environmental engineering. This led me to the combination of Civil and Environmental engineering as my focus at college.

I have found that my work at Gateway has led me in many different directions and has provided many opportunities. Over the years, I have often been tasked with the design and permitting of the atypical project; whether it be the lazy river at a local amusement park, boat docks on the Allegheny, the feasibility of an elevated transportation system in Oakland, or figuring out a new midstream market when it came to town in the late 2000’s, to name a few. I have enjoyed the variety of work afforded me and the accompanying problem-solving opportunities.

Currently, my primary functions at Gateway can be broken into two categories: 1) The management of midstream energy environmental permitting/design projects within the tri-state area and 2) Providing engineering support to local municipalities in the form of roadway, park, flood investigation/mitigation, stream restoration, and environmental compliance services to name a few.

Prior to Gateway, I worked for Paul C. Rizzo & Associates where I primarily worked in their environmental team. The tasks performed in this role were the environmental design and permitting of landfills in Ohio and West Virginia. I would often be required to monitor the installation of the clay and geosynthetic liners and completing the agency permitting documentation.

From early childhood, my parents encouraged me to explore the outdoors. To this day I still try and venture outside as much as possible in the form of exploring new trails while walking my dog, fishing, hunting, golfing, or just playing with the kids outside.


B.S., Civil Engineering, Minor, Environmental Engineering The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA

Professional Certifications

Professional Engineer, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Registration No. 062962
Professional Engineer West Virginia, Registration No. 20101
Professional Engineer Ohio, Registration No. 77504

Professional Affiliations

Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers
American Society of Civil Engineers