PNC Park Riverwalk

In July, 1998, the City of Pittsburgh’s and Allegheny County’s plan to fund new stadiums for the city’s MLB and NFL franchises was approved. The two new proposed stadiums, designed to rise adjacent to the north bank of the Allegheny River, each came with an aggressive site development project plan and timeline. PNC Park, as would come to be named, had a 24-month construction plan to allow the new park to host fans on opening day, 2001. The new stadiums, each featuring modern stadium design and amenities, also shared a unique feature: the shoreline of the Allegheny River.

Before construction of the outfield foundations could begin, Gateway performed a highly-technical survey of the river bank and a geotechnical investigation of the bank’s soils and underlying bedrock to allow for the construction of a bulkhead wall that would allow for the stadium wall to be built as designed – and for the Riverwalk to be constructed upon it. Without the bulkhead, the construction of the stadium’s right field seating and wall was uncertain. Gateway’s survey solutions proved the bulkhead wall was viable, leading to its construction and the completion of the stadium, on time.

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Nicholson Construction Company
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Pittsburgh, PA
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