February 28, 2024

University of Pittsburgh Students Join Gateway Engineers for Seminar and Site Visit

First-year engineering students from the University of Pittsburgh Swanson School of Engineering joined Gateway Engineers for a seminar and site visit, overlooking the current construction of the 240,000 square-foot Victory Heights Arena and Sports Performance Center.

Gateway’s Ryan Richard, E.I.T., alongside Project Managers Sean Donnelly, P.E. and Nat Hayes, P.E., discussed the project processes, complexities and solutions with students, followed by a Q & A session.


About Gateway Engineers

Celebrating its 70th year, Gateway Engineers is a full service civil engineering firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. Gateway provides integrated design and engineering solutions to municipalities, large publicly-traded corporations and private, closely held companies throughout western Pennsylvania and surrounding regions. With a commitment to continual improvement, Gateway advances its capacity to deliver value to its clients every day, For more on Gateway Engineers, please visit our website, here.