Thomas Stroncek

Project Manager
After I graduated high school, I really had no idea what I wanted to do, but throughout high school, my favorite classes were always drafting courses. Unfortunately, I let some people get in my head and tell me that I could not have a successful career doing anything like that. So, I decided to go into marketing. I was not able to find anything in that field that I enjoyed doing, so I ended up becoming a line cook in a sports bar. After a few years of doing that, I knew I needed to make a change. I decided to go back to school for drafting and picked it back up right where I left off in high school. I am glad that I made that change!

My entire professional career has been at Gateway. I began as an intern in 2012 as a CADD Technician, working on a variety of projects across all market segments. Over the past few years, I have transitioned to focus more on transportation and traffic engineering. With this experience, I’ve worked on countless projects as lead designer and subject matter expert. In April of 2024, I assumed the function of project manager after completing Gateway's expert-led Project Manager Development System. As a project manager, I will now lead client projects, while remaining a resource to other project teams that require my experience. Additionally, I assist with employee development of early and middle-stage employees. I will take the next step in my career in 2024 when I take the role of project manager.

When I am not busy with work, I enjoy going off-roading, hiking, playing disc golf, drawing, watching hockey, and cooking.


Associate, Computer Aided Drafting and Design, Pittsburgh Technical College, Oakdale, PA