Gateway Engineers: Geotechnical Engineering



Ensure physical and mechanical properties meet your project requirements

Why incur the expense and time of a soil test? Without the right foundations, properties can shift, buildings can crack, and foundations can deteriorate. Knowing site conditions or problems prior to building or purchasing allows you to verify the stability of the land and reduce the risk of your project, while protecting your investment.

Gateway Engineers’ experts properly investigate soil, rock, and ground water conditions to ensure physical and mechanical properties meet your project requirements. We’re driven to help clients reduce construction delays and avoid unforeseen costs and potential property damage, while enhancing worker and public well-being.

Gateway Engineers geotechnical expertise is the foundation for safe engineering

We review project needs and define required material properties. Our site investigations include exemplary soil borings and laboratory testing of subsurface properties to determine interaction with proposed construction.

Gateway Engineers’ training, consulting, and field and lab testing services afford our clients peace-of-mind. You can be confident that underground conditions are properly characterized for building, and risks from potential hazards below surface are minimized. In addition, testing and services by Gateway Engineers are performed correctly and in accordance to published standards as well as accepted engineering practice. Build from the underground up with our geotechnical services and, in the end, you’ll have a project that stands the test of time.

Gateway Engineers geotechnical engineering services include, but are not limited to:

  • Site engineering and planning
  • Inspection of construction plans
  • Permitting and compliance reporting
  • Expert testimony
  • Mine subsidence potential evaluations
  • Embankment designs
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Damage mitigation
  • Vibration impact on structures
  • Construction phase inspections including:
  • Foundation Installation
  • Floor slab and pavement sub-grade preparations
  • Fill and backfill compaction
  • Sealing of expansive materials