What makes a company unique?

Is it trust, credibility, exemplary customer care,
a passion for excellence?
Over the years, “The Gateway Way” has become synonymous with all
of the above, indicating beyond a doubt that Gateway Engineers
provides unmatched value through its integrated operating
philosophies, core values, and beliefs.
Gateway Engineers offers yet an additional
component that lifts it above other civil
engineering firms
To prove that, we direct your attention to project
management, an area that focuses on how resources are
best organized and managed so a project is completed
within a defined scope, quality, time, and cost constraints.
Project management practitioners have internalized
principles that reflect this and seek to ensure a project
is delivered within these defined limits.

Few companies encourage best practices in project
management, and fewer actually devote resources to
promoting it within their organization, or claim project
management is a core competitive advantage.
Gateway Engineers stays focused by ingraining project management
systems, tools, and processes throughout all facets of our firm.
The goal of our system is simple: to sell and
execute projects effectively and efficiently.
This approach centers on continual development of our project managers,
and our tools, processes, and training to do so are robust. As part of Gateway
Engineers’ Project Management System, two high-level leaders, a project
manager and a principal-in-charge, take responsibility for each project to
ensure client needs are met and quality remains high.

A proprietary Resource Allocation Database (RAD) enables us to match precise
project needs with best-qualified team members and gives project managers
flexibility in organizing personnel without “departmental” or “functional”
boundaries. A range of resources ensure project success, including cost
estimating and scheduling tools, a powerful financial management system,
cost control and reporting systems, over 100 years worth of file archives, and
an exemplary Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program.
“Our Performance Evaluation and Management System continually
monitors project managers’ progress and sets high goals for performance,
education, and training. Project quality and client satisfaction are the
primary measures of success.”
Jason D. Jesso
Chief Operating Officer, Gateway Engineers
We use our Project Management System
every day to guarantee client satisfaction
and organizational sustainability
In a decade spotted with economic downfalls, Gateway
Engineers continues to experience record years and we’re
repeatedly recognized as one of the fastest growing
companies in the regional market.

We don’t simply claim that project management is a core
competitive advantage; we put our Project Management
System to work on each and every project to ensure we meet
or exceed client expectations, and it works.
Make the smart decision and choose Gateway Engineers for your project.
Call us today toll free: 1-855-634-9284
The Gateway Engineers, Inc.
Pittsburgh PA

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