Gateway Engineers: Transportation



We focus on the entire infrastructure necessary for solving transportation problems

Many believe that installing a traffic signal, raising or lowering the speed limit, or adding more signs can solve traffic problems. Today, however, engineering projects face challenges that extend beyond designing traffic control devices such as traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings.

Gateway Engineers’ transportation engineering team is expert at making complex roadways with multiple lanes, crosswalks, pedestrian walkways, and even bike lanes efficient and safe. We provide solutions based on sound principles of traffic engineering to make competent decisions for improving street, roadway, and highway conditions.

Gateway Engineers’ work boosts safety and environmentally compatible movement along our nation’s roadways

Gateway Engineers offers uncompromising quality and diligence in order to reduce your risk, and gives you the confidence of knowing the studies, analyses, and services were performed correctly and in accordance to local, state, and federal laws. We incorporate dynamic elements into road traffic management, including sensors to measure traffic flows, as well as smart guidance systems to manage traffic and pedestrian safety.

Our traffic engineers have the education, training, and experience for analyzing traffic counts, signals, crash statistics, speed data, parking areas, and roadway conditions. Working together with our clients, we gather and analyze all pertinent information required to determine the need for improvements to interior, exterior, adjacent, or nearby roadway infrastructures.

Gateway Engineers traffic engineering capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Transportation impact studies
  • Traffic impact assessments
  • Parking studies
  • Traffic calming studies
  • Signal warrant studies
  • Multi-way stop-control studies
  • Weight limit studies
  • Signing and pavement marking plans
  • Trip generation studies
  • Existing condition roadway inventories for bonding
  • Traffic data collection
  • Traffic signal timings
  • Traffic signal design

See how Gateway Engineers puts their transportation expertise to work.