Gateway Engineers Municipal Engineering



We deliver solutions that improve the health and quality of life in urban and rural communities

Planning, designing, and expanding public works infrastructures directly impact municipalities and their residents. The ways in which roadways, parks, and public domains are maintained, and the management of wastewater facilities, drainage systems, and flood defenses all must meet environmental and regulatory needs.

Your municipality needs a partner that can deliver a solution to fit today's budget while anticipating long-term requirements. Gateway Engineers knows how to cut costs without cutting corners. We perform comprehensive analyses to determine how best to spend your money to keep your infrastructures current.

Gateway Engineers’ integrated team and total project-management focus make it possible for us to deliver strategic problem solving

Our municipal engineering team comprises experienced civil engineers and technicians who are supported by surveying, landscape architecture, G.I.S. mapping, and inspection and material testing experts. And helping municipalities means our team never rests. We prove that in our 24/7 accessibility and you'll see it in our relationships with the EPA, DEP, and other commissions that continuously change regulations.

We plan, design and oversee the construction of public facilities, roadways and infrastructure that will stand the test of time, and we take the welfare of each municipality personally. After all, these are the very communities where Gateway Engineers live and work. Call on us. You’ll benefit now, and your residents will benefit for years to come.

Gateway Engineers municipal engineering capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Road programs/pavement management
  • Zoning/plan review
  • Storm and sanitary sewer design and rehabilitation
  • Corrective action plans for sanitary sewers
  • Grant applications
  • Park modifications
  • Playing field design and bidding
  • Expert testimony
  • Landscape plans
  • Updates to zoning and subdivision regulations
  • Inspection of construction plans
  • Water and wastewater treatment
  • Permitting and compliance reporting
  • Storm water design and management
  • Structural engineering