Leveraging GIS To Manage Your Capital Assets

Do you know where your valuable infrastructure (utilities, sewers, roadways) is located? Are you aware of its condition? Can you and your staff efficiently manage the next utility emergency? Are your historical plans and drawings readily available and a reliable source of information?

Answering no to any of these questions means your facility and capital assets could be at risk of  costly utility repairs, loss of revenue, public health concerns, and regulatory non-compliance penalties.

That’s why many of the region’s businesses are implementing GIS (Geographic Information Systems) to efficiently and proactively manage their properties.  Because assets occupy a location, location-based technology has become an effective method to catalog an organization’s assets. From complex multifaceted urban assets and utility networks to rural oil and gas facilities, leveraging GIS for asset management can empower your organization in the many ways:

  • Scalable and Sustainable – GIS helps you identify your priorities/issues (what keeps you up at night) and builds a solution that addresses your needs no matter how large or small.
  • Cost Effective – GIS solutions are not incredibly expensive.  If you have the right technology partner, developing and maintaining a GIS often pays for itself within a short-time frame.  Bigger and more complex isn't always better. Build it as you grow and seek evolutionary changes over revolutionary ones.
  • Strategic/Purposeful Accessibility – It is important that your staff members focus on their areas of expertise.  GIS solutions can make sure that your staff’s technological capabilities match their daily workflows without overwhelming them with extended learning curves and intimidating digital processes. Systems are designed to ensure data integrity leveraging a full suite of permission-based access.
  • Mobility – Emergencies don't wait for you to gather all the necessary plans, drawings and data.  How much more prepared could you be with location-based asset information on your smart phone at your fingertips? It could save your organization from costly-downtime or even more importantly, human life.

For over two decades Gateway Engineers has been developing several asset management systems for multiple companies, institutions and municipalities.  Our commitment to technology ensures we provide a solution that can grow with your organization and provide value for years and years to come. For more information on efficient asset management applications, please give us a call at (412) 921-​4030.